E-WASTE ~Bring us your old electronic stuff!

Why Recycle Electronic Waste you ask…? Here’s what our youth and the workers at YAK have to say about the subject:

Why is E Waste Recycling Important?

It’s important because it helps cut down on waste and helps us create something from nothing.

For the past 4 years, YAK has been collecting E-Waste from the residents in the Perth area, as a means to raise funds to help cover the costs of the Youth Centre’s utility bills. Cool eh? ( we have Tanis Cowan to thank for this great idea )

Why is volunteering so important?

“We want to graduate high school , and it is part of the curriculum.”

“If we didn’t help with the recycling it would take time and resources away from somewhere else in the centre.”

What do our youth get out of it?

“We get a taste of responsibility in regards to working. We also get a great feeling from helping out at YAK.”

Why are fundraisers for YAK so important? Yes you are a  fundraiser!

It is important to help spread the word about what goes on at YAK and to help this place and it programs running. Recycling your waste helps us a lot!

YAK operates FREE activities, after school activities and employment readiness programs for youth ages 10 and up. It has been doing so for over 18 years.

Your electronic waste recycling helps us channel that money for utility bills that keep the centre’s power and heat on. By donating you keep us going.

YAK’s 2017 utility bills were budgeted at $4000.00. In addition to using the revenue from this E waste round up to help cover our utility this program will offer our youth opportunities to gain employable and much needed skills that they can utilize when they enter the work world.


For those customers who are able to make drop offs, the community is invited to drop off their unwanted electronics at YAK (The old Perth Shoe Factory at 1 Sherbrooke Street East in Perth) between the hours of 2 pm and 7 pm Monday to Friday throughout the year.

If you need help call ahead and we will make sure there is someone there to assist you.

Also Please do not drop off anything at the Youth Centre over the weekends or holidays, it causes a big problem. And a friendly reminder to all, the bin that we use to take the e-waste away, is not a garbage bin. Thank you!

Please call YAK for further information. (613) 264-8381

Contact Information

1 Sherbrooke Street East

Perth Ontario

K7H 1A1

(613) 264-8381