As per our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, we have been attempting to create a central Child and Youth Service’s Hub in Perth. YAK is looking to provide a “one stop shop” for youth to access services. Other jurisdictions have proven success with this approach; it has been shown to be extremely helpful in supporting youth as they transition into adulthood.

Organizations that we have reached out to: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Open Doors, and Lanark County Community Justice (LCCJ), Lanark County Interval House, and the Table. Once we have a location secured we plan to reach out to Cornerstone Landing, our local Health Unit and Community Employment Services to see how they also can benefit from the new space and offer their services.

Community Letters of Support for us to collaborate and create this central services hub at 1881 Rogers Rd.:

The Table, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Lanark County Community Justice, Open Doors, PDCF